Lewin Chan

About Me

What is the one word people would use to describe me: my wife would say pedantic, my friends would say deliberate, and my mother would say fierce (but a nice way)…

I am an expert in enterprise software integration and development. My team delivers high quality, scalable, software that behaves predictably and fails gracefully. This means I understand the needs of the business and can articulate them to the technical teams, building R&D teams to scale for growing business with agility in mind; the teams become based around a product not a person. Planning and collaboration with the end user means that solutions are designed with clear user requirements and can be tested throughout the development lifecycle. Backwards compatibility and stability are my primary considerations.

I have excellent knowledge of many different technology stacks, and can recognise potential weaknesses and design effective solutions. I understand the interplay between new features, system complexity, and technical debt, and can make trade-offs among them effectively to deliver the solution you need.

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