So your backend system isn't cloud ready

Your backend system isn’t cloud-ready, that’s not a big deal if you have an adapter.

In our brave new cloud-based world a lot of integration happens over the web via HTTP; for a lot of scenarios, a full WS stack that uses SOAP+UDDI+WSDL is complete overkill and a timesink. Sometimes you just want to send some data around and get a response; this is where the adapter can fit into your integration landscape and help you get things done1.

Handling incoming HTTP Requests

The Adapter comes with Jetty built in and configurable as a connection type and consumer. It’s very easy to build a very simple HTTP workflow that receives some data, and just does some stuff, and send a reply back to the client request. So, one of the very simplest workflows you could have is one that takes in some data, applies a transformation to it, and gives the response back to the client.

  <consume-connection xsi:type="java:com.adaptris.core.http.jetty.HttpConnection">
    <workflow xsi:type="java:com.adaptris.core.StandardWorkflow">
      <consumer xsi:type="java:com.adaptris.core.http.jetty.MessageConsumer">
        <destination xsi:type="java:com.adaptris.core.ConfiguredConsumeDestination">
      <service-list xsi:type="java:com.adaptris.core.ServiceList">
        <service xsi:type="java:com.adaptris.core.transform.XmlTransformService">
      <producer xsi:type="java:com.adaptris.core.http.jetty.ResponseProducer">

You can compose complicated behaviour based on this example, the services you want to apply could be anything, a database lookup, a SAP BAPI invocation; all you need to do is to remember to have a ResponseProducer as the registered producer; that will write the reply back to the client. You could have workflows that map to different resources that do a multitude of different things.

  1. Sometimes things have to get done and your dirty proof of concept gets deployed into production… ↩︎

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