VMPlayer network interfaces with Private/Public Networking

Making VMPlayer Network interfaces part of the private network

One of the things that you’ll find with VMPlayer is that the network interfaces aren’t registered properly with Windows (Vista or 7) which means that you’re always in the Public zone, so your firewall is always turned on (that’s right, you have a firewall don’t you).

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Mercurial / HTTP using Password Authentication

Setting up apache with mercurial with password authentication

Generally speaking, we host our mercurial repositories using SSH; sometimes of course, we need to do it via HTTP because we don’t want to give external contractors SSH access because who knows what damage they can do with a terminal (anyone who’s seen someone do rm -rf * in /etc knows what I’m talking about). It’s bad enough they damage the contents of the repository with their inability to read a good primer site like http://hginit.com (you know who you are).

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Using Cygwin as your main shell; the basics

Setting up Cygwin so that the permissions play nice with other windows programs

I use Cygwin all the time, if it wasn’t for Microsoft Outlook I would have probably given up the Windows platform a long time ago. That there isn’t a PIM out there that is as good as Outlook is a really damning statement in some ways, Outlook isn’t that good if you don’t have an Exchange environment. No, Google mail + calendar is NOT THAT GOOD.

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Adventures in Hyper-V

Connecting to a remote hyper-v server without a domain

I’ve always been a fan of virtualising my development environment; nothing quite like carrying around a 220Gb disk image of Windows 2003 + SAP R/3 and writing a new SAP connector when you’re on the road. Recently though, I’ve been getting less than stellar performance from vmplayer / vmserver; so I wanted to switch to a Type 1 hypervisor…

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