Language is not the barrier

Learn to type, and remove the friction between you and the computer.

Finding the right tool and language that allows you to express yourself in code isn’t an easy thing. There have been multiple tools and frameworks developed because the existing ones weren’t productive, even computer languages created for the same reason. For me though, learning to type is one of the things that allows me to be productive regardless of the tool or language. Once you’ve learnt the syntax of the language; you still have to transcribe your thinking into the language, and into the computer.

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HPCC 6.4.2: dfuplus fails to spray files

We’re in the middle of doing an upgrade of our systest HPCC instances to 6.4.2 so I thought it would be a good time to upgrade my local HPCC virtual machine instance to HPCC 6.4.2 + Hyper-V. This time I converted the image using qemu-img. Sadly though I couldn’t use dfuplus to spray files in. It complains about Failed: No Drop Zone on 'xxx' configured at '/path/to/file'. When I tried to despray files using dfuplus you get a different message Dropzone not found for network address x.x.x.x..

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Cash is still king

Still too much friction to be fully cashless

Recently we purchased a watch; a purple affair with butterflies to be exact. Didn’t cost much, and we expected it to be perfectly functional until the battery ran out. As it turns out, after a day, we found out that if you press the dial knob in, the watch stops. It was a reputable high street retailer so you’d think the situation would have been quite easy to rectify.

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