Vagrant + Hyper-V (Windows 10 anniversary)

Making Vagrant play nicely with Hyper-V; that can be a bit of a ballache

Well, my personal laptop has been upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary; it’s a dual SSD + HD affair, an Asus NX501-JW which hasn’t been affected by the other “SSD+HD” bricking issues that have been in the tech news. Anyway, either I, or Microsoft during the upgrade, uninstalled Virtualbox, which I had been using to run an HPCC Systems environment amongst other things. In the end, the chance to run Docker natively, and Linux shell natively via Hyper-V persuaded me that I should try and get Vagrant to play nice to Hyper-V; this then is an afternoon of fun and games.

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Liberté, égalité, and French Gin

Citadelle: it’s a French gin; goes well with both lemons or lime. Apparently it’s just your preference; you are free to choose. The choice here is liberating when it comes to gin; in the UK we may not be used to having the freedom to choose your path. You’re restricted by class, restricted by your family, restricted by your own outlook on life.

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Killing a rat is easier with an air rifle than an AK-47

If you have to hunt rats; what’s the right choice of weapon? Probably the air-rifle. The AK-47 could do the job, but it would be inefficient; the amount of energy in each round would be a vast over-kill; accuracy and ricochets in confined spaces would also be a concern. You’d choose the right tool for the job and make sure it’s the right tool.

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The battlefield of decision making

Every decision involves an element of risk; you might lose your job and not be able to pay back that mortgage that you’ve signed up for. The cascading effects of that are hard to imagine, so you may naturally veer away from the hard decisions but you can’t articulate why. Some decisions need to be emotionally led; but others aren’t or shouldn’t be.

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