HPCC 6.4.2: dfuplus fails to spray files

We’re in the middle of doing an upgrade of our systest HPCC instances to 6.4.2 so I thought it would be a good time to upgrade my local HPCC virtual machine instance to HPCC 6.4.2 + Hyper-V. This time I converted the image using qemu-img. Sadly though I couldn’t use dfuplus to spray files in. It complains about Failed: No Drop Zone on 'xxx' configured at '/path/to/file'. When I tried to despray files using dfuplus you get a different message Dropzone not found for network address x.x.x.x..

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Cash is still king

Still too much friction to be fully cashless

Recently we purchased a watch; a purple affair with butterflies to be exact. Didn’t cost much, and we expected it to be perfectly functional until the battery ran out. As it turns out, after a day, we found out that if you press the dial knob in, the watch stops. It was a reputable high street retailer so you’d think the situation would have been quite easy to rectify.

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git flow release

Bastardising git flow for release automation

For a number of reasons (some historical, some legacy, some just daft), the optional Interlok components live in various git providers. This isn’t a post that argues that git flow is great; it’s well understood so we use it to remove the friction of understanding a bespoke tagging/branching system. When we do a product release there’s a Jenkins pipeline that builds all the artefacts based on the release branch from git flow release. That means that when we decide that it’s time to prepare for a release, we have to do a git release start on every project and publish that branch; all of which is nice and scriptable.

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Vagrant + Hyper-V sync folders

Issues mounting local folders in vagrant

One of the things that Vagrant (in Hyper-V mode) does if you sync folders with your linux machine is to attempt to mount them via SMB. This can lead to a few problems; you can work through them, but it’s always easier to cut and paste from someone else’s pain right?

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